In Reaching for Balance, We Find Alignment - AO Chiropractic and Balance

“My son was back to the Dr. for a second ear infection, he was in a lot of pain. I took him to Dr. Kristal and she adjusted his ears, for the first time in days he smiled and said his ears felt better. The 3 different medications the Dr. had given him did nothing to help the pain. Dr. Kristal's adjustment game him instant relief. My daughter was having trouble falling asleep and wetting the bed. After seeing Dr. Kristal the bedtime issues were gone. My youngest daughter was having alll kinds of issues and also was helped by Dr. Kristal. Terrible twos, colic, allergies, being grumpy, emotional issues, headaches plus many more....all this that our family sees AOC for. We are treated and cared for with the greatest of care. We love Dr. Kristal.”
Christy Marshall

“I love Dr. Kristal at AOC. Her skills and knowledge of chiropractic care is exceptional. She is gentle when needed, but not timid to make difficult adjustments. I went to her every three weeks during my recent pregnancy and I could not have gotten through it without her.”
Katie Jacobson
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